Critical Inquiry publishes a review of Revisions

June 7, 2016

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Professor Hannah Higgins of the University of Chicaco has reviewed my book Revisions-Zen for Film in Critical Inquiry, an academic journal relating to critical analysis of the literary arts published by University fo Chicago Press. She writes “Hanna B. Hölling’s book offers a wild ride through a whodunit of sorts, as she describes in vivid detail her practical and efforts to exhibit and understand a single artwork for an exhibition at BGC gallery in the fall of 2015. … Hölling was trained as a conservationist, and her detective story is knit together in uniquely concrete terms, even as she seeks to locate Paik in the community of artists and vast avant-garde traditions within which he worked, the evolving tide of video-versus-film-versus-performance artists active at the time and contemporary art theory. … The challenge this opening-up of the object and its authorial framework implies for conservationists is immense.”

Read full review here.

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