Dr Hanna B. Hölling is Associate Professor in the Department of History of Art, University College London, where she co-convenes the BA program History of Art, Materials and Technology. She is also Research Professor at Bern University of the Arts. Her research, teaching, and advising address subjects in art history and theory, media and material (culture) studies, museology, conservation, and American and European art created since the 1960s.

Her publications include six books. Two are monographs: Paik’s Virtual Archive: On Time, Change and Materiality in Media Art (University of California Press, 2017 and Revisions-Zen for Film (Bard Graduate Center, 2015). Revisions accompanied an eponymous exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery in New York (17 September 2015–22 February 2016). Three are edited volumes: Object—Event—Performance: Art, Materiality and Continuity since the 1960s (Bard Cultural Histories of the Material World series, expected in 2021), Landscape: Institute for Land and Environmental Art (co-edited with Johannes M. Hedinger; Vexer Verlag, 2020) and The Explicit Material: Inquiries on the Intersection of Curatorial and Conservation Cultures (co-edited with Francesca Bewer and Katharina Ammann; Brill 2019).

Hanna is a frequent contributor to research seminars, conferences, and symposia. Her writings appeared in peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes, and exhibition catalogs. She serves as an advisor on international research projects and academic programs and acts as a reviewer for funding bodies, scholarly journals, and book series.

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