Join us for 2018 CAA Annual Conference session in Los Angeles

Join us next Thursday at CAA in Los Angeles for the session: “OBJECT – EVENT – PERFORMANCE: ART, MATERIALITY, AND CONTINUITY SINCE THE 1960S” Time: 02/22/2018: 2:00PM–3:30PM Location: Room 501A Chair: Hanna B. Hölling, University College London “Hannah Wilke’s “Homage to a Large Red Lipstick.” Strategies for Theorizing and Exhibiting Dead Objects” Andrea Gyorody, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College […]

Permanent Impermanence: Book launch and panel with Briony Fer and Sarah Cook at the IAS UCL London

  Media, time, change, and materiality This past Tuesday, October 10th, my new book Paik’s Virtual Archive: Time, Change and Materiality in Media Art was launched at the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies in London (link to the event). It was accompanied by a panel discussion – Permanent Impermanence – with Briony Fer (Profesor of Art History at the UCL Department of History […]

Paik’s Virtual Archive at ZKM Center for Art and Media

This Friday, September 15th, 6-8pm, I will present my recently published Paik’s Virtual Archive: Time, Change, and Materiality in Media Art. Dr. Hanna Hölling, Dozentin für Kunstgeschichte und materielle Kultur am Institut für Kunstgeschichte des University College London, wird am Freitag, den 15. September ihr 2017 erschienenes Buch »Paik’s Virtual Archive« präsentieren, welches die Werke des Urvaters der Videokunst Nam June […]

Time and Conservation at the ICOM-CC in Copenhagen

On September 8, in an exciting Theory and History session of ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting in Copenhagen, I delivered a paper titled Time and Conservation. What does time mean in conservation? Is time present in conservation as an implicit or explicit dimension, and how does conservation, if at all, conceptualize time? By proposing a temporal critique of conservation, this paper argues that […]

Panel at the Getty: What’s the Matter? Media, Materiality, and Meaning

PRESENTATIONS AND PANEL DISCUSSION AT THE GETTY CENTER “What’s the Matter? Media, Materiality, and Meaning in Film and Video Installations” combines scholarly, curatorial, conservation and artistic perspectives to debate the issues arising from display, maintenance and archiving of media artworks in a broader sense, and film, video, and multimedia installations specifically. The event will interest everyone practically and theoretically engaged in the institutional […]

The Getty announces its scholars and fellows 2016/2017 – The New York Review of Books

The Getty announces ist scholars and fellows 2016/2017 in The New York Review of Books (June 9, 2016 / No. 10). The J. Paul Getty Trust is a cultural and philanthropic institution dedicated to the presentation, preservation, and dissemination of new knowledge about the world’s artistic legacy. It serves the general public as well as a wide range of professional […]

Critical Inquiry publishes a review of Revisions

Professor Hannah Higgins of the University of Chicaco has reviewed my book Revisions-Zen for Film in Critical Inquiry, an academic journal relating to critical analysis of the literary arts published by University fo Chicago Press. She writes “Hanna B. Hölling’s book offers a wild ride through a whodunit of sorts, as she describes in vivid detail her practical and efforts to […]

Objekte Erklären: Kulturen des Kuratierens und des Konservierens – Einladung zur 10. Sektion der SKK in Basel

DRITTER SCHWEIZERISCHER KONGRESS FÜR KUNSTGESCHICHTE TROISIÈME CONGRÈS SUISSE EN HISTOIRE DE L’ART 23. – 25. JUNI 2016 UNIVERSITÄT BASEL, KOLLEGIENHAUS Einladung zur 10. Sektion Samstagmorgen, 25. Juni 2016, HS 114 OBJEKTE ERKLÄREN: KULTUREN DES KURATIERENS UND DES KONSERVIERENS Organisiert und moderiert durch Katharina Ammann, SIK-ISEA, Zürich, & Hanna B. Hölling, University College London Seit einiger Zeit wird im Fachgebiet der […]

Call for Applications: Alps Art Academy – International Summer School in Swiss Safiental

Alps Art Academy Safiental, Switzerland June 26 – July 2, 2016 LAND ART This summer, the first international ALPS ART ACADEMY on the topic of LAND ART will take place in the stunning valley of Swiss Safiental, canton Graubünden. Four workshops will offer the participants an opportunity to create art in situ in dialogue with nature and landscape. Additionally, one workshop will be devoted […]